Why Your Internet is Slow (and How to Fix It)

1. You need to restart your ONU and Router

Equipment restarts are the most effective internet troubleshooting solution. This should always be your first step.

2. Your home network is congested

Congestion happens when you overload your internet connection with more traffic than it can handle. To fix it, you can either lower your internet usage or upgrade to a faster plan.

3. You need a stronger Wi-Fi signal

You experience a weak Wi-Fi signal when you’re too far from your router, when the signal is forced to pass through obstructive materials, or when other Wi-Fi networks and electronic devices introduce interference. You can fix it by extending your Wi-Fi range, choosing a better spot for your router, or adjusting your router’s settings.

Why Your Internet is Slow

4. You have slow or outdated devices

It’s not always your internet connection that’s causing the slowdowns, it could be one or more of your devices. If your slowdowns are limited to certain devices, you should start your troubleshooting efforts with those devices rather than your internet connection; sometimes, they just need a simple restart.

5. How to get the best possible Wi-Fi signal:

Place your router in a central location – this will give the best coverage throughout your house. If your router is located on one side of your home, it may not cover every room properly

6. Switch Channels

If lots of people are using the same Wi-Fi channel, you may experience your connection slowing down. This is because neighbouring networks that are operating on the same frequency can interfere with your own network. The best Wi-Fi channels are generally 1,6 and 11.

7. Choosing the best Wi-Fi router

An affordable Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) or previous-generation Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) Dual Band Gigabit Router with a broad wireless range will be ideal for most homes.

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